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Every immigration case is unique and requires an evaluation. Please call to schedule a consultation.

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Our office is located in the Westport area of Kansas City, Missouri.

Philosophy and Approach 

Micki Buschart opened her practice with the aim of providing high quality immigration know-how to individuals seeking legal representation that is affordable, accessible and reliable. Our firm recognizes that receiving a positive result in an immigration matter is not simply about winning a case, but about empowering the individual going through the process to pursue employment opportunities, a new or more stable life, or peace of mind. I am committed to providing open and honest communication, unwavering advocacy and quality representation to each client. We take the time to explain the process so that my clients have a better understanding of their cases, the law involved and their rights.

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Family-Based Visas

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Removal (Deportation)

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Why Would You Need a Kansas City immigration Attorney?

In a country that increasingly locks its external borders, the United States has been implementing an increasingly restrictive and complex regime for foreigners over the past few years.

The role of the immigration attorney Kansas City is therefore very important when it comes to asserting the rights of foreigners, whether they are US citizens or non-US citizens. Micki Buschart has been assisting and representing foreign nationals for many years in their dealings with the administration and in proceedings before the American courts.

When should you hire an immigration officer?

Immigration law is a sprawling field that requires a mastery of criminal, civil, administrative, community, and commercial law, as well as employment rights. Your Kansas City immigration lawyer has the necessary expertise to assist you in your immigration efforts and everything in-between as her field of specialization does not limit her on a restricted amount of cases.

You will need to consult with an attorney who practices immigration law if:

  • You are unsure of being yet eligible for a green card or any other immigration benefit
  • You have at one point or another gotten assistance from the government while residing in the U.S or are worried you might be inadmissible due to a different reason.
  • You are demanding some sort of special relief like asylum or a waiver, which requires you to convince the immigration authorities to offer you benefits that are not normally open to another applicant of your status.
  • You are finding it hard to obtain a USCIS green card or citizenship, and have been requested to provide supplementary proof
  • You urgently need an emergency with an immigration issue.
  • You have been convicted of an offense that is punishable under the law and are trying to move into the US, or trying to keep yourself from being removed from the US.
  • You are making arrangements to move to the US, on the grounds of finding a job under a US employer and need assistance with the immigration process.
  • You are applying to get an investment-based visa.

When you have any of the immigration issues listed above, you may want to schedule a meeting with a lawyer. For this meeting, you are expected to come along with personal documents that concern your immigration issue. Some of these documents may include your passport, visa, marriage certificate, records of criminal convictions, and any paper filed for you by the immigration authorities.


The lawyer is expected to ask you a couple of vital questions and note them down, then advise you on how to go about the situation. The meeting provides you an opportunity to share your challenges with your attorney, and ask questions too. You are also expected to give the attorney as much information as he/she needs to make headway on your case. The attorney is mandated to keep your information confidential.

Micki Buschart, Your Trusted Immigration Lawyer in Kansas City

Micki Buschart has decades of experience in the immigration field and can provide you with legal advice, assistance, and representation. As an immigration lawyer in Kansas City, she assists her clients in regularizing their administrative situation. She also helps them to contest the refusal of a green card or even the deportation of a member of the family. You can also contact her if you need assistance with your visa application, as well as your naturalization process if you wish to become a resident of the United States.

When to contact Micki Buschart

When you or a member of your family is facing an order to leave the United States, Micki Buschart is uniquely qualified to assist you in disputing the deportation orders.

Micki Buschart will defend the interests of the individual threatened with deportation, including but not limited to:

  • Forming an appeal within a very limited time frame
  • Determining the defense strategy to adopt, and the elements that justify the presence of the foreigner on US territory
  • Gathering relevant supporting documents in the interest of the client
  • Preparing the client for the hearing
  • Become a full-fledged US citizen

The assistance of an immigration attorney in the process of applying for U.S. citizenship can help ensure the success of your naturalization application.

As this is a complex and time-consuming process, Micki Buschart’s law firm is there to provide you with all of her expertise and knowledge in this area.

She can take charge of the analysis of the supporting documents to increase your chances of obtaining a favorable response from a government authority. She can also synthesize your application to make it more readable and follow the current legislation on naturalization.

Update your legal status with Micki Buschart

Micki Buschart is competent to assist you in your legal procedures to obtain a residency permit, whether for families, employees, or independent individuals. She can even help you to acquire a permanent residence permit, once all the conditions are met to apply for such a permit.

Together with the client, she will determine the type of residence permit to be applied for according to the foreigner’s situation. She will write a letter to support the application and will gather all the necessary documents to establish the file.

So, are you or a member of your family is forcefully removed from the United States? Get in touch with Micki Buschart!

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