Can international students live in the US permanently?

Being an international student allows you to get a permanent residency after studying in the United States. A permanent residence will enable you to stay in the U.S. like a native without ever needing an entry visa again. This post covers the various ways that you could live in the U.S. permanently.

Possible ways for international students to stay longer in the U.S.

There are conditions to living in the U.S. as an international student, and some offer you permanent residency. Here are the offers that could provide you with a permanent residence even as an international student on an F-1 visa:

Green card

A green card is the easiest way for an international student to live permanently in the United States. Unlike other immigrants that come into the U.S., international students have a higher chance of getting a green card. It considers the amount of time you have already stayed in the U.S. and then applies it in the application.

However, due to how high demand the green card is, it has become much harder to get a green card. But you can also petition for a green card by yourself through the government-approved Green Card Eligibility page.

Getting Married

As an international student, you can apply for a permanent residency by yourself through a spouse or a fiancé. However, you must realize that marrying someone already a citizen does not automatically make you a U.S. citizen. It would help if you got past procedures to prove that your marriage is real and legally binding.

Military Service

After attending a university in the United States for up to two years, you can join the U.S. military. There are specialized positions that are in the Military that provides you an accelerated path to citizenship.


When you are an approved asylum seeker approved in the United States, you can apply for a green card after living in the country for a year. While applying for your green card, you have to prove that you have been granted asylum and the circumstances around the asylum application.


If you are an international student, then you have the opportunity to live in the United States -permanently and legally. To achieve this, there are several avenues – a green card, getting married, military service, or asylum. The proper steps could help you in the journey to obtaining a green card.

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