Cancer Survivors Park, Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, MO: A Place for Inspiration

Surviving from cancer is not uncommon in today’s world. Visit the Cancer Survivors Park at Country Club Plaza, Kansas City, for some inspiration. Also do not forget shopping at the Plaza. Read the full article for more information.

Country Club Plaza

Located at the heart of Kansas City, MO, Country Club Plaza can be your best shopping destination. The 15-block area includes some great clothing shops, restaurants, and offices too. It is mainly a place for high-end retail stores.

If you are visiting Kansas City, you can not miss going to the Country Club Plaza. The plaza lights are so pleasing to the eye that you would be amazed. You can have a romantic candlelight dinner too in some of the high-quality restaurants here. Visit Kaldi’s coffee for fantastic caffeine and Rye for mouthwatering snacks. We also recommend you go to Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue for delicious items.

Tour to the Plaza will never be complete if you do not purchase something to wear. Charlie’s Hustle is an excellent shop for retro apparel such as t-shirts, wool hats, and many more. You may also want to try the Hallmark Gold Crown. If you have a dog, do not forget to pay a visit to the Three Dog Bakery.

Cancer Survivors Park

Bloch foundation has been funding cancer survivors’ parks throughout the United States and Canada. There is one in Kansas City, too, located at the Country Club Plaza. This is a great initiative to deal with cancer.

The main purpose of this park is to inspire people who are suffering from cancer. While a lot of cancer patients are passing away every year, many are also surviving. With the latest and improved treatment facilities, it is not impossible to survive cancers.

The design and layout of the park are soothing. It is an open layout with grounding lights and LED plaques. Overall, it is a great place to comfort your mind.

The Cancers Survivor Park is the reminder that you also can be cured. Even if you do not have cancer, try visiting the park if you are stopping at the Country Club Plaza. It will give you a peaceful feeling.

Moving from Cancer Survivors Parks due east on W 48th St you’ll be able to see a lot of condominium complexes on your right side. Like Mark Twain Apartments, Winston Churchill Condominiums, etc. Make the first turn right into Jefferson St followed by left turn into Ward Pkwy. In 100 feet you’ll reach The Granfalloon Restaurant And Bar located at 608 Ward Pkwy, Kansas City.

Continuing moving eastward via Ward Pkwy you’ll be having a Brush Creek on your right side. Make a left turn into the next street called Pennsylvania Ave. You have two takeouts here, Gram & Dun on your left, and True Food Kitchen on your right. Move northward till you reach Nichols Rd and on your right side you’ll see the Victoria’s Secret & PINK at 455 Nichols Rd, Kansas City, MO 64112, United States.

Leaving 455 Nichols Rd behind and head further east. You’ll reach Broadway Blvd. Make a right turn here (you’ll recognize it since there’s Swarovski Retail Ventures #026 on the corner of the Nichols Rd and Broadway Blvd). Just before the bridge turn left again into the Ward Pkwy. A few dozen feet into it and you’ll reach the RICCA SPOSA Bridal Boutique at 320 Ward Pkwy.

Moving eastward from RICCA SPOSA at 320 Ward Pkwy on the Ward Pkwy and enjoying the view on the Riverside Park and Brush Creek on the right, turn into Central St. In this street you’ll be passing by on your left Sterling bank (300 Ward Pkwy) and Tiffany & Co Jewelry store (301 Nichols Rd) and on your right the Kansas City Plaza Shopping mall at 4745 Central St. When you get to Nichols Rd, turn right and just before reaching Wyandotte St, you’ll see the Nike Kansas City Sportswear store located at 211 Nichols Rd, Kansas City.

Moving eastward, you’ll reach Wyandotte St, turn right (south) into it and drive till you get to Ward Pkwy. Turn eastward and then north onto Baltimore Ave. Continue driving north on Mill Creek Pkwy enjoying the view on the Mill Creek Park on your right. Continue into Broadway Blvd, still heading north. When you reach the W 40th Terrace, turn left, getting off Broadway Blvd and into W 40th Terrace. After a few hundred feet on your left side, you’ll reach The Law Office of Micki Buschart, 4049 Pennsylvania Ave Suite 201, Kansas City, MO 64111.

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