Consular Processing

“Consular Processing” refers to the adjudication of both non-immigrant and immigrant visas by U.S. consular officers posted abroad at U.S. Embassies and visa-processing Consulates around the world. In adjudicating visas, consular officers must make decisions concerning the visa applicants eligibility for the visas for which they are applying, and their admissibility to the United States under the relevant portions of the Immigration and Nationality Act. The extraordinary authority the INA grants to consular officers to make decisions in cases involving highly complex questions of fact and law can lead to flawed visa decisions which can be difficult to challenge.

We assist individual clients who are having difficulty qualifying for visa issuance, as well as corporate clients experiencing difficulties in bringing in key personnel, by analyzing their cases, identifying the approaches most likely to result in visa issuance, and implementing a strategy to achieve the desired result. If clients have an acknowledged statutory basis of inadmissibility, we determine whether waiver relief is available and prepare cogent and persuasive interventions to maximize the likelihood of a favorable recommendation for relief from the adjudicating consular officer.

We assist clients applying for non-immigrant and immigrant visas, and have particular expertise in preparing and submitting for consular review thorough and well-documented applications. We do not practice business immigration law.

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