Harry S Truman Library and Museum

Harry S Truman Library and Museum exhibit the incredible life and political career of the Missourians. It depicts how President Truman changed the landscape of the country. The library and the museum are heavens for history enthusiasts and people with interest in politics.

Guide to the Harry S Truman Library and Museum

Harry S Truman Library and Museum is one of 14 US Presidential libraries in the country. It is also the resting place for the 33rd President of the US. Harry S Truman and his wife and daughter. The library is located in Independence, Missouri. It has a vast collection of historical documents of Manhattan Project, Korean War, NATO, Berlin Airlift, and so much.

Top 5 Attractions of The Harry S Truman Library and Museum

The presidential library has so much to offer to its visitors. However, the following are the top 5 attractions past travellers have loved:

1.   President Truman’s Oval Office

President Truman used the Oval Office very much for work and meetings. From this place, he announced the surrender of Japan to the US. However, this office is a replica of the original.

2.   “Independence and the Opening of the West” Mural

Thomas Hart Benton, a local artist, painted the Mural. It tells the story of founding Independence, Missouri. The thing that enhances the attraction of this Mural is that some people say President Truman himself dabbed some blue color in the painting.

3.   The Buck Stops Here

Find the famous sign “The Buck Stops Here” President Harry S Truman used to keep on his desk. It shows that the President never backed down from responsibilities.

4.   Harry S Truman: The Presidential Years

To engage visitors with Truman’s presidential life, the place offers audio and video programs. It shows some of the most dramatic events of his life.

5.   Truman’s Resting Place

President Truman spent most of his final time in the library. He wished to be buried here. Visit the courtyard to see Truman’s grave. His family was also buried in the same place.

Admission Information

Admission in the library for children below 6 is free. The fee for the kids from 6 to 15 is $3; for adults, it’s $8, and for seniors, the fee is $7. The library and the museum are open in the daytime from Monday to Saturday. On Sunday it’s only open in the afternoon. The place is closed on federal holidays.


President Harry S Truman is an idol to many political readers. The Harry S Truman Library and Museum in Missouri is highly recommended to visit. It reflects some of the most glorious moments in American history.

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