Kansas City Zoo

Standing on 202 acres of area, Kansas City is one of the best zoos in the USA. It’s an excellent destination for families and kids. The goal of the zoo is to entertain not only people but also educate them. You can explore more than 1300 animals from around the world. This article will tell you what you will miss if you don’t visit this wonderful zoo at least once.

Guide to Kansas City Zoo

The Kansas City zoo, founded in 1909, is located at Swope Park, Kansas City, MO. This zoo is mostly famous for exhibiting animals from different corners of the world. Most praised exhibitions include Africa, Australia, Polar Bear, Tiger Trail, and many more.

Things You Must Do in the Kansas City Zoo

If you’re visiting the Kansas City Zoo, there are some activities you can do to make the best out of your trip. The zoo authority has been trying to offer the best they could to the visitors. In trying that, they actually made this one of the must-see zoos in America. Do the following things when visiting Kansas City Zoo:

See the Helzberg Penguin Plaza

The penguin plaza exhibits three species of penguin. Watch different penguins you probably haven’t seen before. See the Humboldt penguin to make the flip as well as bask in the sun and a lot more.

Dip Your Hands in Stingray Bay

It’s a shallow pool in the Kansas City Zoo. If you dip your hands into the zoo, you’ll feel the amazing texture of stingrays and bamboo sharks.

Journey Through the Polar Bear Passage

You may have heard polar bears are rare to find. Well, the Kansas City Zoo has that for you. Journey through the Polar Bear Passage, which includes a massive waterfall.

Visit the African Safari

One of the most popular exhibitions of the zoo is the African one. You can get a bird’s eye view of some of the wildest animals like rhinos, zebras, and many more.

Tickets Information

The price for the general admission ticket starts at $16. Entry is free for babies under 2. To enter the zoo, you must make a reservation on the phone. However, they also offer membership plans, and the members don’t need to make reservations. The zoo is open from 9:30 am to 4 pm every day except Sunday, when it’s open till 5 pm.


The list included only a few of the things to do in the zoo. When you visit the Kansas City Zoo, you’ll find a lot more amazing things to do. Hence, it can be your next travel destination.

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