Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (NLBM) is another name on the list of the great museums in Kansas City. The museum is dedicated to the old famous Negro Leagues Baseball. It excellently promotes the African-American culture. Though it’s not long that the museum has been founded, it’s already one of the most attractive places in the Kansas City

Guide to the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

The NLBM is located in the historic 18th & vine street of Kansas City, Missouri. Early in 1990, a few former Negro Leagues Baseball players had built the museum. Initially, it was a small building. But throughout the years, it expanded to a 10 thousand square feet museum. Interestingly, NLBM shares the building with the American Jazz Museum. One more thing, the museum is privately owned.

Things to Know About the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum

A lot of tourists come to visit this wonderful museum every year. So, if you’re also planning to go, you should know the following things about the museum:

Progress Chart

The Negro leagues went on for several years to succeed. You’ll found the chronological progress chart inside the museum. It has all including several informative placards to photo exhibitions. On the walls, there is a lot of photos of Negro League Baseball players. When a visitor passes through the walls, he progresses forward in time.

Field of Legends

A great place in the museum is the “Field of Legends.” However, it’s separated from other areas, and people only can visit the place at the end of their tour—a twelve-figure bronze statue distinct from the field of legends. The figures are in a position like playing a baseball game.

The Geddy Lee Baseball Collection

Geddy Lee from the Canadian band “Rush” donated around 200 autographed baseballs to the museum. He was a huge fan of baseball himself. Besides, this donation was one of the largest single donations to the museum.

The Hall of Fame Lockers

Every year certain Negro League players get inducted into the Hall of Fame. A dedicated locker room pays tribute to those players.

Tickets Information

The museum opens from 10 am to 4 pm every day. The entry fee is $6 for children, $10 for adults, and  $9 for seniors.


Kansas City always offers places that entertain people as well as educate them from a different angle. The Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is one of those great places. It can be a great destination for an educational tour. Besides, if you’re a baseball fan, then there’s no reason to avoid this place.

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