Top 5 issues immigrants face due to the pandemic

Immigrants trying to get into the United States were met with locked borders due to the pandemic. Those already in the country were forced to attend court hearings and go about other necessary activities irrespective of the pandemic. In this article are more on the issues faced by Immigrants in the U.S. because of the pandemic.

Issues Faced by Immigrants as a Result of COVID-19

Here are some problems caused by the pandemic:

#1: Global restriction placed on several regions

Due to the pandemic’s spread across several regions, limitations were placed on moving from one location to another. Among them is the United States that had to put a temporal ban on the entry of immigrants into the country. The restrictions that have been placed on certain borders were forced to be more uptight because of the pandemic.

Therefore, immigrants and international students cannot move to the country for the time scheduled for the journey.

#2: Increase in immigration cost

Immigrants who are to make a trip to the United States are faced with an uncontrollable increase in the price of airline tickets. For international students, this affects the expenditure that has been budgeted for enrolling into the United States.

#3: Less attention to the immigrants’ wellbeing

Irrespective of the situation brought to the international community by the pandemic, the Immigration Service has not made brand changes. This means that instead of cutting down on the strict process for noncitizens, they still have to get through the same process. This takes away the opportunity to focus their attention on staying protected from the virus.

#4: Detained immigrants are stuck

The Immigrations and Customs Emergency (ICE) agency has failed to let out the detailed immigrants. Instead of letting them out on parole or finding alternatives to detention, the immigrants are still stuck together. This means that they stand the chance of getting infected while still in detention, thereby placing the community at risk.

#5: Close proximity court hearings

The Executive Office for Immigration Review (EOIR) failed to close court hearings until March 2020, which placed people close. This threatened the health of the court official as well as the immigrants. However, there are current provisions for the Immigration review to use remote technology in conducting hearings. Without this, the immigrants were already stranded with their immigration problems.


The coming of the pandemic affected immigrants coming or already in the United States. From the cost of airline tickets to the closure of borders and detained immigrants stuck in one place. All of this does not just put their lives at risk but also the community.


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