Try Pancho’s Mexican Foods at Hanover Place, Kansas City, MO

Hanover Place in Kansas City is a great neighborhood for every food lover. Especially if you love Mexican, you wouldn’t want to miss visiting Pancho’s.

Hanover Place

Do you love to try different types of foods? Then you’ll love Hanover place. It’s a small neighborhood in Kansas City, MO, USA. The community may not be too large, but a lot of restaurants and bars are available there.

Canary is famous for having lunch. They offer American dishes. Besides American Cuisine, a lot of other cuisines are available at Hanover Place. You can have an excellent view of the neighborhood from their rooftop lounge.

If you love Chinese food, you can go to Peking Chinese Restaurant. The environment here is very crowded and joyful. There’s no way you won’t like the place.

For seafood, you’ll have to go to Crab Kingz. The shrimp platter is tasty and popular. Burger King is also available in the neighborhood.

Do you want to grab some cocktails in the evening? Then Meson Restaurant is the perfect place for you. Go to Aura if you want to do some dances.


For Mexican Cuisine, the Pancho’s Restaurant is open at Hanover Place, Kansas City. It’s open 24 hours a day. Therefore, whenever you crave Mexican, walk into Pancho’s and grab a seat.

They have a wide range of items available, and the menu is quite big in size. You’ll find burritos, tacos, tostadas, tortas, and every other Mexican food. According to visitors, the tastes are fantastic.

The pricing is very cheap too. On average, most food here costs around $2 to $10. So, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have much in your pocket. Just go to the Pancho’s, and grab your favorite Mexican meal.

Are you a vegetarian? That’s not a problem at all. Pancho’s has something for everyone. They also have their branches around the country, and they’re quite popular too.

Mexicans are quite fun-loving. You’ll get the proof when you visit the Pancho’s. The atmosphere there can make anyone happy.

Leaving Pacnho’s at 3540 Main St and heading south, then turning right into W 36th St. And at the end of the street, just before hitting Broadway Blvd, you reach Mesob Restaurant & Rum Bar at 3601 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City.

Moving south via Broadway Blvd, you’ll pass by Cooper’s Broadway Tobacco at 3617 Broadway Blvd on your left side. A few dozen feet later you’ll pass by the Uptown Theater at 3700 Broadway Blvd on your right side. Another few dozen feet, you’ll get to the CSL Plasma, the Blood donation center located at 3715 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City.

Moving further south via Braodway Blvd, you’ll pass by Crazy Crab Restaurant, and when you pass by the W 38th St on your left, you’ll reach the Shell gas station at 3786 Broadway Blvd.

After you pass by Shell gas station located at 3786 Broadway Blvd, just continue driving south via Broadway Blvd, until your reach W 40th Terrace and turn right into it. Continue going straight and in about 130 feet you will reach the The Law Office of Micki Buschart located at 4049 Pennsylvania Ave Suite 201, Kansas City.


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