Union Station Kansas City

The Union Station Kansas City is the most historical attraction in Kansas City. For more than 100 years, the building has stood in the heart of Kansas City, Missouri. The Union Station features a lot of tourist places, perfect for everyone. Find out the most attractive places to visit inside the Union Station in this article.

About Union Station Kansas City

Kansas City Union Station is the union station for Kansas City, Missouri. The building is located at 30 West Pershing Road of the City. It was built in 1914. Recently, Amtrak service started in the city. After that, the traffic for the country has thrived.

Guide to Visit the Union Station Kansas City

Kansas City Union Station is a large area to explore. Therefore, knowing the place before visiting can help. The Union Station has a lot to offer to its visitors. Following sites will give a better idea of the station.

Fountains in the Entrance

A large historic fountain is located in front of the entrance. The beauty of the fountains can not be expressed in words. It will give every visitor a welcoming feeling.

Grand Hall

The building has a large grand hall in the center. The ceiling is decorated with beautiful ornaments. Besides, three large chandeliers are hanging to have a royal look.

Grand Plaza

The grand plaza is the divider for the building. A large old clock hangs in the middle of the central arc. The plaza is also known as the North Waiting Room.

Image Gallery

There is a massive image gallery inside the Union Station. It exhibits the history of Kansas City, MO. Besides, a lot of historical art is also present there. The gallery is a great source of education.

Tourist Attractions

The Union Station also offers several buildings to attract tourists. Every year myriads of visitors come to Union City to visit those places. The Union Station is best known for its internationally awarded Science City. Besides, the largest Planetarium in the city is situated inside the building.

Moreover, they have a lot of temporary museums inside the station. It also has a permanent Irish Museum and Cultural Center. The largest 3-D theatre is located here in Union Station.


Union Station Kansas City has been evolving for the last two decades. It has built many buildings to attract visitors. Union Station has something to offer to every kind of people. Whether a child or adult, you’ll surely have a fantastic experience going with family or friends.

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